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    ZHONGLAN INDUSTRY is a chemical manufacturer. Founded in 2002, the company focuses on the supply of chemicals for small and medium-sized enterprises, the research and development of services such as cosmetic raw materials, and the public welfare of the western region. The company is headquartered in Jinan and has a branch office in Tianjin. The current total number of employees is more than 100. The company is part of the having industry team, and its team members include zhonglan industry and haihang industry.

    The founder of haihang industry, the founder of zhonglan industry, is known as the “master of the trend of changing the world with a telescope” and is the perseverance of “cross-strait win-win”. He believes that only by “creating wealth on the spot, improving life on the spot, and developing culture on the spot” can we fundamentally change the poverty situation in the west.

    Selling cosmetic raw materials, zhonglan industry is the largest chemical manufacturer from China. It mainly produces chemicals such as dialdehyde, triacetic acid, glycolic acid and arbutin, which are mainly used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Zhonglan has more than ten years of production experience. For the nature, concentration and so on of different products, we have a strict production process to guarantee the best quality and most reasonable price for our customers. Welcome to contact us.

    Haihang industry is China’s largest chemical manufacturer, selling a variety of chemicals, such as dialdehyde, glycolic acid, triacetin, IPMP, urotropine, ethylbenzene, folic acid ···
    Including different grades, industrial grade, cosmetic grade, food grade, etc.
    If you have any needs, you can contact us, we hope to produce the best products, and give them to our customers at the most reasonable price. Customers who wish to cooperate can reach a long-term cooperation goal with us to help them.

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    Find what you need and inquiry now!

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    This is good

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