Why do I want to use a condom?

Condoms are the only form of safety, which will both assist to forestall the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) equivalent to HIV and forestall being pregnant.

choosing the proper condom

a variety of several types of condom at the moment are to be had. what is usually known as a condom is the ‘male’ condom, a sheath or protecting which fits over a man’s penis, and which is closed at one finish. there’s additionally now a feminine condom, or vaginal sheath, which is utilized by a girl to suit within her vagina.

What are condoms product of?

Condoms are frequently made of latex or polyurethane. If conceivable, you need to use a latex condom, as they are fairly extra reliable, and in most nations, they’re most effortlessly available. Latex condoms can most effective be used with water-based lubricants, no longer oil primarily based lubricants equivalent to Vaseline or chilly cream as they break down the latex. A small selection of people have an allergy to latex and might use polyurethane condoms as a substitute.

Polyurethane condoms are made out a kind of plastic. they’re thinner than latex condoms, and they also increase sensitivity and are more agreeable in really feel and appearance to a couple customers. they’re costlier than latex condoms and reasonably less flexible so more lubrication is also wanted. however both oil and water based totally lubricants can be used with them.

it is not clear whether latex or polyurethane condoms are greater – there are research suggesting that both is less likely to damage. With each types on the other hand, the likelihood of breakages may be very small if used appropriately.

The lubrication on condoms additionally varies. Some condoms usually are not lubricated in any respect, some are lubricated with a silicone substance, and a few condoms have a water-primarily based lubricant. The lubrication on condoms targets to make the condom easier to position on and more comfy to use. it could possibly additionally assist forestall condom breakage.

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